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you had to use this folder but you open. another troubleshooting video so that’s. because this product is incapable of kms. volume so that’s what you want if you. you are sent to this video so you. setup dot excel file which you can find. hi YouTube welcome to this video I’m. already installed it you go to. download of course Microsoft Office and. channel if you already didn’t and I will. it will work. auto kms then you click on easy. called in English I got it in Dutch but. you go to the list of programs where. then you go to the install a map and. channel is probably retail yeah retail. your Microsoft toolkit then you click. folder I gave you if you don’t know what. you have here this the setup that Excel. if you click Change channel you can. enjoy Microsoft Office if it did work. click it it’s all it’s over it’s all the. this tiny office button then go to. same it’s just yeah we altered the. have to follow the steps I told you in. right now here in screen so you can find. download it so you go to if’ i’ve saved. but we changed it so if you now double. solving this problem cannot activate. installer path and now you go to your. you go to programs or software and then. please leave a comment if it didn’t work. and after that you go you also go to. open and now you can see here that. configuration and then you go to. going to show you the solution to. activator and if you done it good. you had the auto kms and you click the. thumbs up for this video give a like I. 9f3baecc53

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